5 Reasons Your Elderly Loved One Might Need Long-Term Home Care

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Why Long-Term Home Care Should Be Considered for Seniors in Lehigh Valley, PA

Aging in place has many benefits for seniors, including financial savings and the ability to spend their golden years in the place they feel most comfortable. However, many will eventually require some type of long-term care that can be arranged by having a professional caregiver come to their home, and these are just a few of the reasons why. 

1. Counteract Memory Loss and Dementia

Minor “senior moments” are fairly common for older adults, but it is important to watch for signs their forgetfulness is becoming more serious. Seniors who live alone may need long-term Allentown, PA, dementia home care if their memory loss or dementia symptoms begin to interfere with their safety. Caregivers help prevent wandering and make sure seniors remember important parts of their daily routine like turning off the stove and eating dinner.

2. Prevent Medication Mishaps

For many seniors, each passing year also brings new medications. Trying to keep up with each medication and remember the correct dosage can get confusing. For this reason, seniors benefit from having an extra person to remind them when it is time to take their medications.

3. Manage Chronic Health Conditions

Severe arthritis, post-stroke weakness, and prior injuries can all affect a senior’s ability to carry out his or her daily routine. However, many seniors still retain enough independence that long-term hospitalization is not warranted. Providing assistance to seniors in their home allows them to prepare meals, keep up with housekeeping, and get dressed with just enough assistance to keep them safe.

4. Transportation to Attend Medical Appointments

Driving is another issue to consider when planning for a senior’s long-term living arrangements. Over time, seniors may experience vision and hearing loss that makes it unsafe for them to drive. Long-term in-home caregivers in Allentown, PA, can take seniors from their homes to medical appointments and other errands while ensuring they remain safe along the way. 

5. Prevent Isolation

Though most people think of a senior’s physical needs when making plans for Allentown elderly care, it is also important to provide emotional support. In-home caregivers do more than just bathe and cook for seniors. They also serve as companions that can lift their spirits with conversation and fun planned activities. By making sure a senior never goes a day without talking to someone, emotional health concerns like depression can be prevented.

These are just a few of the possible reasons your aging loved one might need long-term home care. Give Allentown Home Care Assistance a call at 484-350-3874 to find out how our compassionate and dedicated caregivers can enhance your loved one’s quality of life. Our Care Managers are available around the clock to take your call, answer your questions, and address your concerns.


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