How to Help Adult Children Accept Downsizing

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How to Help Adult Children Accept Downsizing in Lehigh Valley, PA

Downsizing may be practical, but it’s not always easy emotionally for both seniors and their adult children. Even when those grown children have long been out on their own and tending to other responsibilities in their lives, there’s still an understandable attachment to a childhood home.

1. Start a Productive Discussion

When first bringing up the issue of downsizing, ask your children to let you go through your reasons for wanting to downsize first without interrupting you or stating any objections. After you finish, invite them to share their thoughts and concerns and offer possible alternatives to moving to a smaller place, like Allentown elder care that can ensure your loved one has the additional support needed to maintain safety and wellbeing in the comfort of home.

2. Explain Practical Reasons for Downsizing

If there are no realistic alternatives to downsizing, clearly discuss why this is and what compelled you to make the decision in the first place. For instance, you may have trouble keeping up with yard work or getting up and down stairs. Common reasons seniors choose to downsize include:

  • Lack of proximity to family and friends
  • Difficulty keeping up with expenses
  • Needing more assistance with daily tasks

3. Focus on the Benefits of Downsizing

Stress how downsizing will ultimately improve your life, which is something your adult children should want for you. Possible benefits include:

  • More time to spend with grandchildren
  • Retaining independence in a more manageable setting
  • Less stress and anxiety

4. Invite Them to Be a Part of the Process

Keep your children involved with each step of the downsizing process. This could include help with selecting a buyer for the house and deciding what to keep while packing and preparing for the move.

Consider letting adult children keep certain possessions they may want for one reason or another, even furniture you won’t have room for in your new place. This will also give you peace of mind since you won’t have to worry about strangers having things that meant something to you and your children.

Many seniors move to a smaller space to make daily living easier. If your senior parent or relative could use additional help and support, reach out to Home Care Assistance. We offer part-time and live-in care as well as Alzheimer’s and dementia care in Allentown, PA. For more information on our care services, give us a call at 484-350-3874 and speak with a dedicated Care Manger today.


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