Home Care Reviews

At Home Care Assistance, we believe in providing superior service to all of our clients. Our commitment to excellence and strong reputation as the live-in specialists make us the premier home care company in North America. Read what our clients are saying about the quality of our care:

“I just want to thank you and the girls for taking such good care of Leon. He always looked forward to seeing them in the morning. They truly cared for him.”

— Bonnie Bieber, Zionsville, PA

“Home Care Assistance did a wonderful job taking care of my mother during her last years. Her wishes were to remain at home and your terrific staff allowed that to happen. I would strongly recommend HCA to anyone.”

— John Taylor, Allentown, PA

“Thank you for all you have done to help us care for Mom. Joan was a great caregiver and mom felt safe, secure, and happy while in her care.”

— Melissa H., Easton, PA

“Home Care Assistance did an outstanding job caring for my mother during the last three months of her life. From the beginning, the Client Care Manager, along with the owner, were supportive, responsive, flexible and kind as we dealt with the many challenges facing my mother on a daily basis. They created a team of highly trained CNAs who demonstrated over and over their dedication to making sure that my mother’s needs were met. Before my mother passed away, she shared with me the deep appreciation she felt with Home Care Assistance’s efforts made on her behalf. She said she was very happy with the care she received. I will always be grateful for their respectful, compassionate care that made an absolute difference in my mother’s life. I strongly recommend Home Care Assistance.”

— Cindy W.

“Home Care Assistance provided in-home care for both of my beloved parents when they needed end-of-life home care. I have nothing but praise and gratitude for their compassion and competence. They worked very hard to properly select the right caretakers for each of my parents, and we genuinely loved the people who helped my family keep our parents at home to spend their last days. I don’t think anyone could find a better agency for home care services.”

— Robert H.

“When I first called, I spoke with the owner. She treated me with compassion and took the time to listen to what I needed and to give me advice and encouragement. She set me up in under 48 hours (yes, I waited until the last minute!) with wonderful caregivers who were extremely competent, warm, trustworthy, intelligent and easy to work with. I was very impressed with the quality of the caregivers — I’ve encountered other caregivers in other situations with friends and relatives and I really think the ones Home Care Assistance employs are a cut above the usual.”

— Nina G.

“Home Care Assistance provides 24 hour live-in companions for my mother. They’ve been superb about ensuring 100% seamless coverage, even when emergencies have occurred. Home Care Assistance has been helping us out for over 8 months now, through some very trying times. Everyone is always looking out for my mother and the staff has gone above and beyond to find just the right people to work with her. I would rate their service an A+!”

— Tammi R.

“Home Care Assistance… the name of the company says it all. For the last 12 months our mom and dad have received such wonderful care and assistance in their own “HOME” by caregivers who really do “CARE” about our parents.”

— Dorothy and Frank P.

“A little over five years ago, my mother suffered a stroke. As her mobility declined, I realized the need for in-home companion care for her. I was referred to Home Care Assistance. Initially, they provided companion care for my mother during the day, seven days a week. As my mother’s physical condition continued to worsen, I extended the care to 24 hours a day. I have been very pleased with Home Care Assistance for a number of reasons. One is continuity of care providers. My mother has the same two companions week in and week out – a primary companion who works five days a week and a relief companion who works two. This has given me the opportunity to get to know the companions and establish a working relationship with them. They have become an integral part of my mother’s medical team which includes her primary care physician, neurologists and therapists. The companions demonstrate an actual concern for my mother’s well-being. They are compassionate and caring in the way they interact with her. And there is no price you can place on the peace of mind knowing that a loved one is being cared for in a manner that you would provide yourself if possible. I could not be happier with the care my mother has received from her companions through Home Care Assistance.”

— Trace C.