How Seniors Can Prevent Vision Loss

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How to Help Seniors Prevent Vision Loss in Lehigh Valley, PA

Seeing a smile light up a grandchild’s face or experiencing the breathtaking view on a journey are experiences that you don’t want to miss as you get older. Yet, vision loss is a serious concern for seniors since your risk continues to grow as you get older. Use these four strategies recommended by Home Care Assistance of the Lehigh Valley to preserve your eyesight so that you can look forward to witnessing every special moment.

1. Workout for Eyesight

There are many reasons to exercise, and you can add better vision to that growing list of benefits. Not only does a good workout get blood pumping to the vessels in your eyes, but aerobics have also been shown to lower pressure in your eyes that can cause blurred vision.

2. Eat an Eye-Healthy Diet

Beta-carotene is a nutrient found in carrots and papayas that can strengthen your night vision. Additionally, vitamin E and omega-3s are essential for good vision. So make sure to pile your plate high with foods containing these nutrients, such as eggs, fish, spinach, and berries.

3. Avoid Sun Damage

Bright lights can wreak havoc on your vision, and the UV rays from the sun place you at risk for eye cancer. Wear sunglasses with a high level of UV protection, even if it requires seeking a prescription. When possible, shade your eyes to provide another level of protection. Wide-brimmed hats, sun umbrellas and window shades can all help block damaging UV rays.

4. See Your Eye Doctor

It seems so simple, but many people skip going to their eye appointments when their schedule gets packed. Yet, your eye doctor can spot many eye problems in their earliest stages so that you can benefit from the right treatment. Since many conditions, such as glaucoma, are virtually symptom-free at first, your regular eye exam is your best line of defense against long-term vision changes.

Learn more about maintaining optimal health during the golden years from the friendly staff at Home Care Assistance. Our friendly and experienced caregivers in the Lehigh Valley can help seniors with everything from running errands and preparing meals to bathing and personal grooming, helping clients remain happy, healthy, and safe in the comfort of home. For more information, give us a call at 484-350-3874 and request a free in-home consultation today.


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