The Relationship Between a Positive Outlook and Longevity

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Positive Attitudes and Longer Lifespans

When it comes to studies on longevity, there are many compelling arguments that one’s mental state is just as important as one’s physical state. People with a positive outlook on life not only tend to live longer, but also make their time on earth worthwhile and meaningful.

At Home Care Assistance of the Lehigh Valley, we couldn’t agree more! Our revolutionary Balanced Care Method is incorporated into each plan of care, focusing not only on a senior’s physical needs, but on creating social ties and helping seniors achieve a sense of calmness and purpose with age. In keeping with our holistic approach to care, we’re going to share some of the evidence that has been found linking a positive outlook to healthy longevity.

There have been many studies that have shown that adults who have positive attitudes about aging live longer than their counterparts who hold negative attitudes. One such study found that those with positive attitudes lived an average of seven years longer than those without. Researchers have also found that those with pessimistic views are at a higher risk for early death, with a 19 percent increase in the risk of mortality, regardless of age or gender.

While correlation and causation are still being studied, it seems there is no denying that our personality can affect our longevity. People with positive outlooks also tend to have closer personal relationships. Not only does maintaining genuine friendships with others allow one to enjoy an emotional connection, it allows him or her to better deal with emotions when negative things do happen.

Positive people are able to believe in good times, even during the bad times. They spend more time being thankful for what they have than lamenting what they don’t. Most importantly, positivity helps people accept their limitations without surrendering to them. This may be the most important aspect of a positive outlook for those dealing with the effects of aging. By keeping a positive outlook and accepting the challenges that are to come, seniors can adapt to the changes and still find ways to continue with their normal routines and thrive.

Aging may come with a number of surprises that nobody can predict, but it is possible for seniors to predict how they react to them, and that may be most important. As a leading provider of home care in the Lehigh Valley, we work with many amazing and inspirational senior adults, and know firsthand there’s a reason that people say, “You’re only as old as you feel.”

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