Quality Parkinson’s Care for Lehigh Valley Elders

Parkinson’s disease is manageable. Parkinson’s disease does not have to correspond to poor quality of life. Most importantly, Parkinson’s disease does not have to lead to isolation. At Home Care Assistance of Lehigh Valley, we have a team of expertly trained, compassionate and experienced in-home caregivers who specialize in helping to promote independence and quality of life for seniors living with Parkinson’s. And with flexible hourly and live-in care plans available, you can rest assured that your aging loved one will receive the most appropriate level of Parkinson’s care and support needed.

Parkinson’s Care in Lehigh Valley
Parkinson’s Care Lehigh Valley, PA

Holistic Parkinson’s Care for Improved Quality of Life

Our Parkinson’s caregivers take a holistic, natural approach to addressing all aspects of Parkinson’s care. Far too often the non-physical symptoms of Parkinson’s are overlooked which leads to a decline in overall well-being for the senior. Home Care Assistance of Lehigh Valley and the National Parkinson’s Foundation are in agreement that emotional side-effects such as depression should be considered just as important as other symptoms of PD. When prescribed medications and in-home therapies are combined with nutrition, exercise and social stimulation, we believe that quality of life will begin to soar, despite living with a degenerative condition.

Careful Caregiver Matching for Long-Term Relationships

Not only does our professional and experienced care team take the time to craft a personalized Parkinson’s Care Plan, but we also carefully match a caregiver to suit your aging loved one’s unique needs, personality and lifestyle. We do so in order to help facilitate a long-term bond and relationship based on trust and sincere companionship. Our Parkinson’s caregivers establish that bond by providing your elderly loved one with the one-on-one attention, support and safety monitoring that they need, which is often lacking large at nursing homes and senior care facilities.

Parkinson’s Care Lehigh Valley
Lehigh Valley Parkinson’s Care

Call Home Care Assistance of Lehigh Valley for a Free Consultation

We understand that when making the decision to get home care for an aging parent or loved one with Parkinson’s disease, you’ll likely have plenty of questions and concerns. That’s why we offer a complementary in-home consultation so that one of our friendly and knowledgeable Care Managers can meet with you and your aging parent to provide you with answers, reassurance and peace of mind. Call 484-350-3874 today to see how a Parkinson’s Caregiver could help your elderly loved one today.