7 Ways Seniors Can Stay Safe During Nighttime Toileting

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How Aging Adults Can Use the Restroom Safely at Night in Lehigh Valley, PA

The bathroom is one of the most common places for accidents in the home. However, you can make a few simple changes in your loved one’s bathroom for safer nighttime toileting.

1. Add Light

Nightlights can help prevent nighttime accidents at home. LED nightlights are often the best choice because they are brighter and they last longer than other options. Consider adding nightlights to hallways and other areas of the home to make walking to the bathroom safer.

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2. Install Grab Bars

Grab bars can help your loved one move from a sitting to standing position or vice versa, and they are particularly important if your loved one has limited mobility. You can install the grab bars by screwing the fasteners into wall studs and checking them regularly to ensure they are sturdy enough to support your loved one.

3. Treat Tile Floors

If your loved one has a tile floor, use a commercial anti-slip spray to give the floor more traction. Anti-slip treatments are available at most home improvement shops, or you can order the product from an online retailer. Repeat the treatment process as needed or as directed on the packaging to maintain the nonslip surface coating.

4. Set Up Emergency Assistance

An emergency alert system can be lifesaving if your loved one has an accident at night. Install an alert button on the wall by the toilet, or choose a pendant-style alert system that your loved one can wear. Test the system and change the batteries in the pendant regularly to keep it working smoothly.

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5. Organize for Easy Access

To prevent accidents, keep frequently used items such as hand soaps and towels within easy reach, and remove clutter on the bathroom floor to prevent falls. Make sure to stock toilet paper on low shelves or the cabinet under the bathroom sink so your loved one can easily access it.

6. Raise the Toilet Seat

A raised toilet seat can make it easier for your loved one to sit and stand, and it is easy to install, remove, clean, and maintain. For a more permanent option, install a toilet riser on the base of the toilet.

7. Invest in Rug Maintenance

Bathroom rugs can prevent slips, but the nonslip backing tends to wear off with time. Replace the rugs if the backing looks thin or begins peeling off. Opt for a brightly colored low-pile rug that is visible at night. 

Preventing accidents in the bathroom at night takes some preparation, but with just a few simple changes and some basic safety additions, you can make nighttime toileting safe for your loved one.

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