Top Tracking Devices for Memory-Impaired Seniors

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Best Tracking Devices for Seniors

Sixty percent of seniors with dementia will wander at some point because they get confused and disoriented, even in a familiar setting, and many seniors who wander are unable to find their way home or even ask for help. GPS tracking devices can reduce your stress as a caregiver by giving you a means of tracking your loved one’s location or sending help. Here are four of the best GPS tracking devices for seniors selected by the care experts at Home Care Assistance in the Lehigh Valley.

1. Comfort Zone
Cost: $45 activation; $43 monthly

Comfort Zone Check-In is a GPS tracking system from the Alzheimer’s Association. The company offers two options, including a device that can be carried in a pocket or a Sprint cell phone that your elderly loved one can carry. A Comfort Zone account includes self-service web-based software so you can find your loved one’s location in real-time.

2. Bluewater Security
Cost: $599 device fee; $35 monthly

Bluewater Security offers a unique watch with GPS tracking designed with elderly in mind. The watch features a panic button, and it tracks your loved one’s location. You can also set a maximum distance from the receiver he or she can travel, and an alarm will sound if your loved one wanders too far.

3. MedicAlert Safely Home
Cost: $60 per year

MedicAlert began as a way to help emergency responders treat patients who couldn’t speak. The MedicAlert device is worn like a bracelet and also helps Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers track loved ones who wander. MedicAlert offers an additional Alzheimer’s Association Safe Return package that includes a personal ID, 24/7 emergency response and family notification, personal health record, and advance directive storage.

4. PocketFinder
Cost: $130 activation; $13 monthly

PocketFinder is the smallest GPS tracker on the market. The device can be carried in a purse or pocket with a battery life of one week. You can track your loved one’s location from the PocketFinder website or on your smartphone with the company’s app.

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