Fiber May Reduce Stroke Risk for Seniors

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Fiber May Reduce Stroke Risk for Seniors

Foods that are high in fiber have been known to have many healthy properties, but new research is suggesting that high-fiber foods may actually protect seniors and older adults against stroke. Today, Home Care Assistance, one of the top Lehigh Valley home care agencies, is going to share information from eight observational studies about the relationship between fiber and stroke risk. The data from these studies was pooled together with a three year follow-up, and suggests that a 7g increase in the daily fiber intake of a senior reduces stroke risk by 7%.

Different Types of Fiber

Among the two major types of fiber, soluble fiber and insoluble fiber, soluble fiber – the material that is commonly found in nuts and beans – had a much more pronounced effect on reducing stroke risk. However, the studies were unable to find the specific foods that were the most beneficial because most of the foods tested had both types of fiber in them.

Average Fiber Intake of Individuals in the United States

In the United States, the average fiber intake is 13g a day for women and 17g for men. The aforementioned studies found that an increase of around 7g of fiber was enough to help lower stroke risk for both gender groups. In order to add 7g of fiber to one’s daily diet, the average man or woman would simply have to substitute white bread with whole wheat bread. This 7g increase could also be achieved by increasing fruit and vegetable portions by two a day.

Tips for Aging Adults

Fiber is more important the older that a person gets. Senior citizens should strive to meet daily fiber recommendations, while also adding an extra portion of whole wheat bread, fruits or vegetables to their diet to boost regular numbers by 7g. If you have an aging parent or loved one that struggles to eat a healthy diet, consider working with a professional home caregiver. Professional hourly and live-in caregivers help seniors in the Lehigh Valley with grocery shopping, nutritious meal preparation and many other household tasks and personal care activities.

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