Senior Care: Boosting Senior Health with Regular Daily Activities

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Everyday Activities Boost Senior Health

Other than keeping up with regularly scheduled doctor appointments, seniors can boost their mental and physical health through regular daily activities. Whether your senior loved one is accustomed to an active lifestyle or looking for ways to maintain their independence, the Lehigh Valley senior care experts at Home Care Assistance wanted to share the many benefits associated with staying active on a daily basis.

Improving Flexibility

Everyday activities like housework or daily chores can have the added benefit of helping seniors improve or maintain their flexibility. If your loved one is able, see if they are interested in assisting with folding laundry, doing the dishes or preparing tonight’s meal. While these tasks may not seem like fun to you, for seniors they can help promote feelings of purpose and self-worth.

Maintaining Overall Well-Being

Studies confirm that seniors who stay busy with daily activities tend to be more mentally alert and experience fewer instances of certain age-related conditions. Getting into the habit of staying active on a daily basis can also help with posture, improve coordination and reduce the risk of serious injuries from falls.

Boosting Mental Alertness

Regular daily activities for seniors should be, and most likely are, a mix of physical and mental activities ranging from doing a little gardening to tackling the daily crossword puzzle in the morning newspaper. Remaining mentally and physically busy throughout the day can help seniors remain sharp mentally, possibly reducing the risk of developing some dementia-related conditions.

Tips for Keeping Seniors Active on a Daily Basis

So how can you keep your loved one active on a daily basis? A few suggestions include:

  • Encourage your loved one to learn new activities (learning how to navigate a technological gadget could be a great way to boost learning and engagement)
  • Put together a weekly schedule (keep it fairly flexible)
  • Plan regular outings (can be anything from an afternoon of shopping to a day trip to a nearby town)

Staying busy with various activities throughout the day can also help your senior loved one enjoy a more productive sleep, stimulate key brain functions to maintain cognitive functioning, and even boost moods. At the same time, it’s important to seek medical attention if your loved one starts experiencing unusual pain or discomfort while doing their various daily activities.

If your loved one could use a helping hand with some of their daily tasks, learn more about in-home care from Home Care Assistance of the Lehigh Valley. While we specialize in live-in care, our caregivers are also available for hourly care in the Lehigh Valley, and are more than happy to assist with household activities, and can also accompany seniors to activities around town. Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation today with a friendly Care Manager by calling 484-350-3874 – we’re here to help 24/7.


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