How to Manage Arthritis Flare-Ups During the Holiday Season

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How to Manage Arthritis During the Holidays in Lehigh Valley, PA

Enjoying the holidays can be especially difficult for seniors who are dealing with arthritis flare-ups. The good news is Lehigh Valley home care agencies can offer a number of suggestions that may help aging adults manage their conditions and moderate their pain. With a diligent focus on maintaining good joint health, it may be possible to experience greater mobility and far less discomfort this holiday season.

Take Warm Baths

Surprisingly, the solution to moderate arthritis pain could be as simple as drawing a warm bath. Heat not only soothes inflamed joints, but it can also improve overall mobility. As the joints grow warm, moving them without incident becomes much easier.

Stay Active

It is important for seniors to make a conscious effort to maintain active lifestyles once the cold weather hits. Moderate exercise is a simple yet effective way to keep arthritis under control. Physical activity improves circulation, increases bone density, and delivers essential oxygen and nutrients to arthritic joints. Surprisingly, movement is also essential for keeping the joints well lubricated and easy to engage.

Eat Heart-Healthy Fats

Although most people tend to indulge quite a bit more than usual throughout the holiday season, maintaining a heart-healthy diet is essential for seniors with arthritis. Rather than loading up on saturated fats such as those found in butter and heavy creams, seniors should eat diets that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids have proven anti-inflammatory properties that will naturally diminish the frequency, duration, and severity of arthritis flare-ups. With less sunlight to bask in throughout the months of winter, aging adults should also focus on getting plenty of calcium and vitamin D. Both of these nutrients are essential for promoting optimal joint and bone health.

Keep Holiday Stress to a Minimum

The impact that emotional stress has on arthritis is still largely unknown. What is known, however, is that seniors who are stressed out have a higher likelihood of over-taxing themselves physically. Seniors and their caregivers in the Lehigh Valley should always have solid plans in place for moderating holiday stress. With a calm and peaceful state of mind, seniors will have a far better ability to naturally manage their arthritis pain.

Conserve Energy

It is additionally vital for seniors to conserve their energy whenever possible by determining which outings, activities and events are most worthy of their time and effort. When living with arthritis, it is vital to have alternative methods for getting things done so that the body never becomes over-stressed or excessively fatigued. For instance, seniors who once cooked entire holiday dinners from scratch should enlist help, purchase pre-cut vegetables, and take other steps to limit the amount of strain that they must place on their sore joints and on their bodies overall.

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