How You Can Help Seniors with Alzheimer’s Stay Socially Active

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Multiple research studies have demonstrated the importance of socialization among seniors with Alzheimer’s. Unfortunately, the disease itself can make remaining socially active more challenging. As a leading provider of home care in the Lehigh Valley, we encourage family members and caregivers to use the following tips to promote a healthy social life for their loved ones.

1. Encourage Hearing Tests

Hearing loss may be linked to Alzheimer’s and could possibly be one of the earliest signs of the disease. It’s important to make sure your elderly loved one has regular hearing tests to ensure he or she is able to communicate easily. Some seniors are embarrassed to explain their hearing challenges or are uncomfortable going to the physician, but being attentive to your elderly loved one’s behaviors and offering to accompany him or her to the physician’s office will go a long way to preserve his or her social life.

2. Provide Transportation

For seniors with Alzheimer’s, driving is no longer an option, making it difficult for them to get out of the house independently. If your loved one is unable to drive, be sure to provide a method of alternative transportation so he or she is able to attend club events, visit friends or family, and do other activities outside the home. Whether through the assistance of a part-time caregiver in the Lehigh Valley or that of a family member, providing your loved one with transportation will ensure he or she can maintain relationships outside the home.

3. Find Clubs

If family members live far away, seniors with Alzheimer’s often benefit from participating in senior groups or clubs, including activities like bridge or book club. Since it’s important for seniors with memory conditions to stay mentally engaged as well as socially engaged, these types of clubs offer two benefits: providing participants with a set of like-minded individuals to form relationships with and offering cognitive stimulation.

4. Volunteer Together

Many cities have volunteer opportunities for individuals of most ages and abilities, including animal rescues and soup kitchens. Dog rescues are a particularly good way for seniors to become more social, frequently holding adoption events where volunteers are needed to play with and occupy the dogs. These adoption events, as well as other volunteering opportunities, provide many chances to meet and interact with new people, ensuring that senior volunteers can socialize and feel good about contributing to their communities.

For more information on promoting a high quality of life for a loved one with Alzheimer’s, reach out to Home Care Assistance of the Lehigh Valley. We provide Alzheimer’s care Lehigh Valley families rely on, and our caregivers are expertly trained to manage the symptoms and challenges common with memory care. Call us today at 484-350-3874 and request a complimentary consultation.


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