Dian Brannen Owner

Dian Brannen

Before opening Home Care Assistance of the Lehigh Valley in the spring of 2013, Dian spent 5 years as a middle school science teacher in both a traditional and non-traditional classroom setting as well as a number of years in the banking industry before leaving the workforce to became a full time stay at home mom, tending to her five young children over the past twelve years.

When she was ready to return to the workforce, Dian decided to open a family business that resonated with her personally, senior care. Dian is passionate about senior care and understands from personal experiences the challenges of caring for an elderly loved one as she helps arrange care for her widowed mother who lives alone in her home in Indiana.

An extension of Dian’s natural tendency to caregiving, as well as her experience with her own mother, led her to opening Home Care Assistance of the Lehigh Valley. Dian wanted the opportunity to offer seniors quality care that goes beyond the basics – and Home Cares Assistance’s Balanced Care Method does just that. So, in the spring of 2013, Dian and her family expanded the Home Care Assistance network to the Lehigh Valley, and are honored to be an integral part of “changing the way the world ages” by providing compassionate, high-quality care to seniors and their families.

Dian oversees all aspects of the day to day operations of Home Care Assistance of the Lehigh Valley. She is originally from New Haven, Indiana and has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree from Ball State University. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, attending her children’s various sporting events and activities, and volunteering at their school.

Michelle Lowack

Ron Schaffer
Outreach Coordinator/Marketing

At Home Care Assistance Ron serves as the Outreach Coordinator/Marketing Manager and is responsible for business development in the greater Lehigh Valley. He also offers several unique programs and workshops for those who work with seniors, which is consistent with our goal of being a community resource for families faced with care challenges, even if they are not clients.

Ron is a native of the Lehigh Valley and has extensive experience in his professional career in developing partnerships and leading business development initiatives, most recently in the educational sector.

He joined Home Care Assistance of the Lehigh Valley because he was looking for a company whose mission and values was closely aligned with his own. Similar to others working for our agency, Ron has seen first-hand how valuable it is to have aging family members remain at home.

Ron is excited to be part of a growing team that is working passionately to “change the way the world ages.”

Rachel Aguanno

Rachael Dusseau
Operations Director

Home Care Assistance is pleased to announce that Rachael Dusseau, previously the agency’s Client Care Coordinator, will transition into the Operations Director position for the agency. In this role she will be responsible for strategic planning, training, and implementing new initiatives including the recently launched Cognitive Therapeutics Method program. Rachael helped launch the Home Care Assistance office in the Lehigh Valley in 2013 and has been recognized on a corporate level for her outstanding customer service, care plan development, and employee recognition programs.

Rachael pursued a career with Home Care Assistance due in part to her experience as caregiver for her grandparents. She understands how overwhelming it can be to care for aging loved ones while managing children, a household, and a career. Rachael has not only extensive knowledge about senior resources in the Lehigh Valley, but also deep compassion when helping caregivers and families find the help they need to for their loved ones.

Rachael’s job involves assessing the client’s needs, formulating an individualized care plan for each client and communicating with family members. She believes all people deserve to have a high quality of life, and has a great passion for caring for those who need assistance. She also screens, trains, and delivers orientations for all of our caregivers to ensure the most consummate professionals are caring for our clients.

She holds a certificate in medical assisting from Lincoln Technical Institute as well as a certificate in Gerontology from Northampton Community College. When not at work Rachael enjoys spending time with her daughter, reading and cooking.

Jennifer Douvier

Jennifer Douvier
Client Care Manager/Scheduler

A 16-year veteran of the healthcare industry, Jennifer starting out working with mentally challenged people and then transitioned into home care. “I have a big heart and enjoy helping others, whether it’s a person or an animal in need. I love helping our clients thrive by providing them with the best care possible, keeping them in their familiar environments and surrounded by their loved ones while providing one-to-one care.” Jennifer’s favorite parts of working with Tampa Bay Home Care Assistance are being able to grow within the company, learning new things, working closely with caregivers, and getting to know clients so she can help meet their needs.”

Zoe Tacoma

Zoe Tacoma
Client Care Manager / Scheduler

Zoe has worked in the healthcare field for eight years, both as an in-home caregiver and in facilities, and she is currently continuing her education in medical administration. "The most rewarding aspect of helping seniors is seeing the joy and peace of mind our care gives to both them and their families. I enjoy learning from their experiences and knowing that we make a difference".

Nick Duzan

Nick Duzan
Client Care Manager / HR Specialist

With a background in management and sales, Nick has a unique appreciation for our business model, particularly because we have a “small-company feel with the resources and brand of a multinational company.” He’s especially proud of the positive impact Tampa Bay Home Care Assistance has on seniors’ overall wellbeing. “I would hate growing older and losing my independence. The fact that we go out of our way to not only take care of people but also allow them to take care of themselves is incredible to see. I know that is the part I would appreciate the most if I were in that situation.”

Renee Burgess

Renee Burgess
Financial Officer

Renee joined Home Care Assistance with a background in Marketing & Accounting in the Salon & Spa industry. She has been an owner and partner in 2 Salons in Washington DC, and Northern VA. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Georgia Southern University in 1992.

With over 20 years of experience in the Beauty & Service Industry, Renee brings a passion for serving others to our company. One of the things she loves most about Home Care Assistance is our natural, proactive approach to care. “The Cognitive Therapeutic Method we use has been proven to aide in slowing down cognitive decline in our seniors. It’s a great way for our Caregivers to get our clients to exercise their brain and it’s a fun way to spend their time together. I grew up playing cards and solving puzzles with my Grandparents, who are still enjoying their lives in their own home. It makes me very happy that we are able to make a difference in people’s lives.”

Barbara Dubose

Barbara Dubose, RN
Lead Agency Nurse

Barbara has been an RN in the Healthcare Industry for over 23 years. Barbara is focused, determined and a capable nurse, who has a track record of providing world class healthcare to her patients and clients. Barbara has worked in a variety of different nursing environments and is able to take on challenging positions. As a true professional, Barbara works directly with our clients and she is able to create a positive and comfortable home environment while ensuring quality care to our clients.

Allison Records

Allison Records, MS, RN
Nurse Educator

Allison has worked in the healthcare field for 17 years. She began her nursing career in an emergency department and provided critical care, patient teaching, and emotional support to clients of all ages. After completing her master’s degree in nursing education, Allison transitioned from bedside nursing to teaching medical surgical nursing to baccalaureate nursing students at a highly renowned college.

Allison’s favorite part of helping seniors is encouraging them to engage in fun, social, healthy activities with the help of their Home Care Assistance caregivers, and she loves getting out into the community to conduct caregiver supervisory visits. “During these visits, I get to know the client and can guide the caregiver to provide individualized, excellent care for each senior. My favorite part of Home Care Assistance is the awesome caregivers! They’re well trained, professional, compassionate, and safe, and they are making big differences in the lives of our clients.”