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Dian Brannen

Dian Brannen


We Know, We Have Been There Too

A little more than twelve years ago my husband and I had our first exposure to the challenges that a family faces when a loved one begins to struggle with the demands of living alone. Regrettably we did not consider in-home care. That experience led us on a journey that culminated in the opening of Home Care Assistance of the Lehigh Valley.

My husband’s grandmother was a very active and independent woman who genuinely loved life. Her husband had passed away shortly after their 50th wedding anniversary and while she remained very active, she did begin to slow down as a result of arthritis and emphysema. As she approached her 80th birthday she decided to sell her home and move in with a relative who lived just a few blocks from her. Her relative was younger, lived alone, and was more than happy to share his home with her. We thought this was a wonderful idea as she had no immediate family in the area and it would allow her to remain close to her friends, doctors, social clubs, etc. While this arrangement worked out well at first, it soon became clear that she needed more care and attention than her relative was able to provide. And now that she had sold her house, moving back home was not an option. What ensued was an almost year long struggle that saw her shuttling back and forth between her children’s homes (in different states) and eventually into a nursing home where after a brief stay she passed away at the age of eighty.

There is No Place Like Home

As we reflected back on this experience, both my husband and I regretted that we had not considered an option that would have allowed his grandmother to stay in her home. Her home was very special to her and she had always been very adamant that she did not want to live in an assisted living facility or senior housing. Therefore, when we were pressed to find a place for her to live, the only viable option in our mind was to have her live out of state with immediate family members. What we realized afterward is how challenging it can be for children to serve as their parent’s primary caregiver. Again, what seemed like the right decision at the time, turned out to be a well-intentioned response to an urgent situation that eventually created even more challenges.

Empowering Families & Their Elderly Loved Ones

From this experience came our desire to educate families about the tremendous benefits of allowing loved ones to remain in their home even when they are no longer able to do so independently. We opened Home Care Assistance Lehigh Valley in February 2013, and you will find that we are much more than a traditional home care agency. We are a trusted resource that will help you and your loved one understand the choices you have and how to minimize the stress and anxiety that you may be experiencing. Our mission is truly to “change the way the world ages”.